Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's all I want for Christmas. Plus maybe my two front teeth [to be straight].

Just kidding.

But by some miraculous act of God I ended up getting tonight off instead of hostessing. I came home planning to finish all the cards, pack for the wedding & wake weekend and go to sleep early. But apparently I'm that kind of tired that freezes a body and races the mind--lots of things seem like a good idea, but actually doing them gets a little confusing. Like if I had packed tonight, I would have to have unpacked my suitcase from the one modeling job of the week, plus I just finished unpacking the suitcase from the weekend, so it seems like I am a pro at packing... so why bother. But this isn't going to help me get four dresses north of San Diego. Plus last wedding's shoes gave me blisters I still have and I was planning on wearing them for this wedding... but...

I did however print out directions to get to all of the places this three-day wedding extravaganza requires--and since I have to drive myself that's important. That's right, I have to go a day early to represent my couple at the rehearsal dinner--Justin can't come up until after his Pediatrics Test on Friday morning.

Hopefully he's somewhere further than the 5% of studying he thought he had done yesterday, but if he is it's by osmosis or quick learning or something he did while I wasn't looking. As far as I can see, he got a little better at a computer game.

He's tired too. We should have just gone to sleep, instead of pretending we were accomplishing anything.

The good thing is, I got all my shifts covered, so now I don't have to worry about going out of town. I should try that sleeping thing now...

Oh, and Mommy definitely can't make everything better, but she can make pasta salad, so hoorah.

A couple more wedding photos for Jason and Amanda... just because... :)

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