Friday, June 01, 2007

The Tasks at Hand

Other than The Watch (and suctioning, and trying to hear what she wants, and finding inventive ways to give her a glass of water without giving her a glass with water...), today I get to be crematorium girl. I call and ask for estimates. Since I'm Girl Who Can Look Toward The Next Step.

I also want to clean things. I am on a cleaning rampage. It's all I can do. If Justin hadn't given me an Ambien last night I would not have slept. Some might say I'm having a manic phase, I say I'm dealing with life the best way I can right now. So I fully intend to find something to clean, and I'm going to ask Toni for requests (God willing she's talking today). I know she liked that house spic and span--Justin said that's how he grew up. So spic and span it shall be, by God. And maybe later, I'll attack my parents' house too.

First though, I need to write a quick note to Pete Gomez, our neighbor who is on House Watch and called my brother because people started coming and going....

Ah! The energy a girl can get from a good night's sleep.

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