Monday, June 18, 2007

Who turns down chocolate cake?

Oakley offered to cater/bake for the wake. That's how a girl can tell her super true friends.

The day before the wake she has AIDS Walk Long Beach. She's been trying to raise $2000 with her Lesser Weevils team, and a major part of the fundraising involves her baking the most amazing chocolate chip English toffee cookies known to man and woman.

Also, her mom is chasing Toni down the same path and Oaks is flying to Thailand soon, plus she's got work stuff and her friend Celeste got burned by and exploding pyrotechnic effect gone wrong at another co-worker's wedding (see for details--it's all worth reading about).

So of course I was going to refuse her offer. "I'm not adding to other people's stress with my own stress. It's bad enough I have to deal with it."

"Sometimes people want to help so that they can forget about their own problems," Justin reminded me. "They just want to do something."

Remembering my desperate need to help... well, almost anyone I ever encounter... I agreed.

Besides, who turns down chocolate cake?

Now, I'm almost tempted to call all my friends and beg for help: "Oh, woe is me! Will you please _______?" Hehehe. Yeah, right.

But I think that, I mean, I know that I will let Oaks and my mom help me with whatever they can help me with as far as noshing goes. I'm still working on the slide show, but I do look forward to the Costco run. As I told Justin, we've got the "C-H food group covered": cheese, chips, chocolate. (And other stuff too... come for the love, stay for the food.)

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oakmonster said...

Aww... :)

Well, cooking/baking, believe it or not, relaxes me. Like when you guys came over for dinner a few weeks ago, that totally helped me more than you think. Feeding people is such a joy! :D

Okay. Will give you a call tonight while I bake cupcakes for work. (See the trend here? Haha!)