Friday, July 06, 2007

Home at Last!

Due to the extra-congested traffic on the I-5 because of the fair and the races, it is a general policy of mine never to leave San Diego in the summer. Plus, like most of the people we met in Monterrey said--why would we go anywhere else when we have San Diego?

So, until maybe August, when someone is getting married (wedding #3 of the summer), Mark is having a birthday, and my dad is having an art show we are not going north.

Except for that one day when I have to drive to Carlsbad for a modeling job. But other than that...

I am ready to break out the bicycle and ride to work, even.

Tomorrow I get to walk Yaz and Stan and work at Mo's! I'm so excited! I've missed everyone so!

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oakmonster said...

Welcome back to normal life!!! Well, you and me both.

I threw myself into a sugar + guarana OD at lunch today and survived the mid-day slump of jetlag. Having been operating on 3 hours of sleep all day, I hope I'll crash and won't wake up at 3 a.m....