Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Home is Absolutely Where Justin Is

Yesterday we woke up just after 4 a.m. and were thrilled.

"Happy Vacation!"

He was sleepy.

"Do you want to sleep and leave at 9, get up and go now before traffic?" And before anyone wakes up.

"Let's go now."

Prepared, our clothes were laid out and our bags were ready to load into the car. We dashed for it--and stopped to get donuts like the other "we"--my family of four--always did. They have flavored coffee, so Justin was happy too. Chocolate with chocolate icing and coconut, and a lemon filled powder sugar covered donut. No milk though, just water and sips of Justin's coffee. I was happy clapping in the donut shop and told the shop worker "I really am this happy."

Once we hit Ventura, I fell asleep.

Morro Bay is beautiful--Justin is duely impressed with the giant rock that is/is a result of a volcano. I've seen it before, I have a feeling several times, but hope I got some cool shots of it. Our stop in Santa Barbara reignited my drive to become more involved this summer with my photography and painting, to have shows again and truly pursue a professional wedding photographer career.

But I also miss Mo's. I miss the hustle and bustle, and I miss the people--my co-workers AND our customers. Mo's is the land of love--however lubricated with alcohol that love may be. I am definitely looking forward to getting back to real life, but I'm still just so happy to be with Justin free and alone.

He is my true Love. He is my safety, my harbor, my light.

Justin is my life.

Last night we went to the nicest restaurant in this town--Windows on the Bay--and had martinis (Monday special--$3.45) and the most delicious flatbread with roasted garlic, some kind of amazing brie/blue soft cheese, and olive tampenade spreads. Plus a crabcake that was had strings of real crab, think with juciness and yumminess. Plus giant prawns in a cocktail sauce spicy "sorbet." Best of all, there was a jazz singer who is an award winning (in France!) local soprano with the smoothest voice who scatted (like Ella... our Ella Grace remembered and loved briefly), supported by a strong string bass and a male alto singer that complemented it all well, even if he is the usual headliner.

I was thinking about it this morning, and from our love falls all the rest. Because Justin and I love each other so much the things that need to be DONE happen. Justin and I are not two people in a business partnership who focus on the necssary accomplisments of marriage--cleaning, cooking, money, working, maintaining our relationship and relationships with friends and family. Because we love each other we fulfill those parts of life. It's like the Wanting/Needing-->Doing-->Being v. Being-->The Doing Gets Done-->The Wants and Needs Come Naturally model.

Our love gets things done--for each other and for others.

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