Monday, July 23, 2007

The Power of the Pink Flamingo

I have been dubbed the most dedicated Mo's Girl in Pink Flamingo History.

Not only did I participate in the inflating of hundreds of pink flamingos and hanging them with fishing wire to every hangable place in the restaurant, yesterday--Sunday night at Mo's--I wore the pink flamingo costume The Whole Night.

Not just for an hour while I handed out pink straws shaped like flamingos, pink headbands with flamingo bobble heads on top and rainbow colored rings, but for The Whole Night.

The Power of the Pink Flamingo, is that despite my straight-femaleness the men at Mo's allowed me to be a part of their drunken revelry and more importantly let me though the crowd because I had a huge flamingo ass. Padded with Captain Morgan foam hats filling the ass. I needed more padding--newspaper throughout the body would have filled out my 120ish pound frame, but at least everyone knew who they were following to get to their table. Also, I could not really see with the bling-ruby beak hanging in front of my eyes, which was a great excuse for powering through the crowd and actually bouncing off the huge muscular gay men, or (oops!) stepping on the pretty pedicured toes of the ...women who fly with them.

I have one Polaroid shot of me that I hesitate to post--and the guy who took it didn't include the whole outfit, so I'm not all that thrilled with it. But I'm in numerous photos with drunken fools... some of them who claimed they will find me on myspace and send their shots to me.

Me, I'm just glad Pride is almost over. I love the concept, but not so much the debauchery, even though it does pay for my yogurt and mocha breakfast.

Meanwhile, the answer to the question, "Why are you wearing that costume?": I had to be there anyway. The costume was making people happy. It made it more fun for me to be there because I made them happy with my fluffy flamingo dance, rather than just a straight girl trying to make it through the crowd with arms full of empty glasses and plates.

So, it was Mo' fun.

With enough requests, I'll scan and post the photo. :)


oakmonster said...


(I soooo want to see that!)

Anonymous said...

Pictures or it didn't happen!


KI said...

Photo! Photo!

And when do I get to see you again?