Monday, July 30, 2007

Puppy Love

The veterinarian says there is nothing physically wrong with Stan according to the blood tests. This result leaves the possibility that he is simply emotionally distraught. While his human mom is home and taking loving care of him, his human dad is in another state visiting family. So, perhaps Stan is simply missing Kevin.

"I wish he'd take up smoking or drinking or something instead, find some other way of lashing out, instead of pooing all over the house," Diana said.

"He could at least say, 'Mommy, I miss Daddy! When's he coming home?"

Diana prefers to think there is something physically wrong with him--the idea that he shits all over the house because he misses The Man is too pathetic.

Still, I brought him over to our house to visit Justin and get some lovin' from a boy before going back to the House of Girls.

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