Monday, July 23, 2007


"I was just a little taken aback..."

"What was there to be surprised about?"

"Oh, I don't know. There's the woman I have never met before who was almost passed out on the couch when I got home. Plus Joe standing there looking confused and like a kid who just got caught playing a mean trick. Not to mention my husband slurring his words and talking about going out partying again..."

I hear the funniest bits of conversation in this town.

Though, I could do without the one that I can still hear carrying on outside my apartment window. Sounds like the girl thought she'd just come home from work and relax because her husband and their friend was supposed to be out having "just one drink," but when she got home apparently there were people in her house and one of them was puking.

They're quieting down now... after a lot of, "No! No!" shouts, I think the guy friend took the stranger-girl away and the husband has decided (on the guy friend's advice) to stay home. I heard him say, "Make sure he doesn't leave the house." hmmmm.... given the key-required-on-both-sides locks in this place, that shouldn't be too hard.

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