Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Stroke

The absurdity of this farce is wearing off as the reality of living in this play settles into place.

Justin's mom died nine weeks ago.

Justin's dad had a stroke a few days ago.

Granted, it was mild, but a stroke is a stroke.

My brother's reaction: "Well, you know how people get to be at that age where everyone is getting married? I guess they're at that age where people start getting sick and dying."

"You'd better rethink your thinking on that. They weren't that old. Justin's mom was only 59 and Justin's dad is 66. Mom and Dad are in that age range."

"I know," and he continued.

We are not at that age where parents are supposed to die. We live in the United States of America. We have good health care here. People live well into their 80s and even 90s. People have grandparents and grandchildren--not that Justin and I are helping that cause--but the parents could be alive for all of those possibilities.

They are not supposed to be dying already.

I wonder how Justin is doing in the Emergency Department tonight. So far he has loved it and he has been doing a really good job at it. I wonder where his mind is. Probably perfectly focused, the way work does that for a person whereas having time for a mind to wander about just leaves us shell shocked, confused, tired and hurting.

We've barely got anything left as far our store of emotional energy goes. A rest from this kind of thing would be great.

God? Could you give the guy a break please? He needs to apply for his residency program and finish medical school, and so if we could just go, oh, say, maybe a year or two without a crisis would that be OK? Think you could please swing that? Please? We're getting a little worn out down here.

Sweet Jesus, enough already.

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oakmonster said...

I said the exact same thing Neil said to my friends! Seriously, a string of moms/dads were dead/seriously ill when I went home this last time.

Hugs to you both!