Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Leader of the Pack

Yaz has decided that my first duty upon entering the condo is sitting in the green chair and letting her hug me. I think one lap dog experience has spoiled her completely. Stan seems content to stand by and let me pet him from afar, but Yaz dives her face into the space between me and the chair and burrows. Then she rests her head on my chest and purrs. When Stan gets jealous enough he bites her ankles, only then am I able to get up and make their breakfast, but then he's mad that I'm not giving him hug-time, so he dives for my ankles. I give him a bit more attention and then I start to "cook."

Stan can wait for his food while playing and cuddling, but once Yaz is focused on the eats she just sits in the kitchen whining and begging until the moment is upon her.

They're a special little couple.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jealous Puppies Make Me Laugh

When I got to Yaz and Stan's house there was such excitement I heard barking through the door. They also jumped on it, so that the "Yaz has to go to the bathroom" bells rang. Then I got clobbered. When I made it to the green chair, Stan jumped up so his front paws were in my lap, pinning me down, and Yaz clambered and then started biting his back ankles. In his defense I pet her too, but he jumped back up and she was feeling quite shunned. I picked her up and put her on my lap and she practically purred, resting her head on my the chair while I pet her and Stan at once. Finally they remembered I go there to make them breakfast, so they let me up.

Then we went to the dog park via the Garden. Since I'd been taking photos of downtown since 6:30 a.m., we drove from their house. Stan was so overzealous that he pre-maturely tried to jump into the car and ended up falling down because the leash wasn't loose enough yet. He tried to regain his manly authority by stepping forward to the front seat, but that only held until I got into the car.

At the Garden, Yaz played her snack-whore game. At least this time she actually caught the treats in the air when Jeremy threw them, and since she had an audience of one woman watching she moved on to try to get her attention for maybe a bite of her bagel or perhaps her coffee.

This from a dog who is still sick because she ate a whole loaf of homemade bread off the kitchen counter two days ago while her humans were gone.

Stan, whose broken bone in his front paw is still supposed to be on the mend, found a tennis ball to play with at the park. Of all the balls littering the grassland,the one he fixated on was wedged on the other side of the chain link fence, so he tried to reach through (with both paws, alternately) to get it. At first, I tried to help him, but the fence went too far into the dirt and too high into the air for me to reach it, and even though I can get my hand through, the ball can't get through, so I tried to talk him into playing with a different tennis ball.

"Come on Stan! You know you have a broken paw! You can't play with that one. It's on the other side of the fence. Look, there's a squeaky toy [there was one, in the dirt behind him--I kicked it], go get that, go on Stan! Go get it!" I walked away toward other tennis balls and Yaz. "Come on Stan! Come on! Stan! Stan!"

Feeling relatively foolish, I looked at Yaz and just walked toward her--the dog who was trying to poop while a little white dog kept pestering her and, of course, sniffing her butt.

So Yaz was empty but trying, Stan was trying to get a ball that he couldn't reach, and finally they both gave up and just came over and hung out with me.

On the way, Stan picked up another tennis ball (praise God!) and then put it down to stalk it and try to mind-wave it into moving. I gave it little kicks, trying to protect his baby paw. Clearly this game is not as satisfactory as the all-out chase down the hill after a bouncing, uncooperative speedy tennis ball. Still though, Yaz was intrigued enough to try to A) steal the ball from Stan, B) failing that kill Stan. I had to call her off, since that's a game for at home because other dogs and their humans don't always understand she's just playing.

Yaz, usually aloof and securing the perimeter of the park was very playful today. I had to throw sticks so she could be involved without tormenting Stan (who barked at a little dog that ignored all the other tennis balls scattered around and tried to take Stan's). She did that outstretched front paw lowered head thing that dogs do when they feel frisky. Then she tried to eat the sticks.

At home, Stan was content to let me pet him while, Yaz acted like I was trying to pluck her hairs individually with tweezers. We hung out for a while, played with a squeaky plush-covered Christmas-colored bone, let Yaz try to kill Stan and Stan try to defend himself and then I left them to their own devices.

All this because tonight the humans are going to Petco Park at the Park to play kickball and the pets are going to have to stay home.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Love Affair With Football

OK. I guess I've become enough of a blogger that I'm airing all my dirty little secrets online now.

It started when I was in high school. Since fifth grade I played the clarinet, and in the Marina High School marching band that meant I had to attend every football game of the season. The daughter of immigrant Indian parents, I never became part of the American football culture--or even learned how the game was played. But, when the decision lay between spending hours bored and confused every Friday night or figuring it out, I figured it out. Plus the cute boys actually liked the game, and liked explaining it to me. You know, ooooo, a girl interested in sports! So I learned. And I liked it.

My colleges were football voids--Barnard relied on Columbia (yippee! Ivy League football players!) and UCSB had to fall back to UCLA or Cal, depending on which end of the state we came from.

Post college, I became a UCLA fan for sports in general, given that I don't have an alum football team and I really did grow to love football.

Also, I had a psycho boyfriend a couple of years after college. He was a sports addict. He had fantasy football teams and fantasy basketball teams. He was supposed to have played college basketball but "because of an ankle injury in high school" he didn't end up getting recruited like he "was supposed to." The only vacation time he took was during March Madness--so that he could watch all of the college basketball games while sitting on the couch in the apartment and watching the television. During football season, it was all football all the time. High school, college, professional. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The only thing I had going for me was summertime, during which watching sports was traded in for surfing--daily. He called me skinny-fat and only drank non-fat milk and ate fat-free crap and he worked out everyday. All of this sounds very potentially sexy, if you like emotional and mental abuse and being degraded for being yourself despite being less than 120 lb. and still being called any form of fat...

But somehow while I still carry a resentful hatred for college basketball (but love the professional Lakers, whom I grew up watching from 1980 onward.... the days of Kareem and Magic and that amazing final against the Celtics....) and despise March madness, I love watching football. I know which way the ball is going and why, I recognize the teams, I have favorites (granted, based on the location of my friends, former students and certain team members) in college and professional football, and yesterday I spent all day watching the games. Today, I am bummed because we don't have cable and so we don't have Monday night football which is only shown on ESPN. Unfortunately, I am too sick to wrap my head around sitting in a bar and so I'll have to go without my football fix for the day.

Yesterday though, yesterday was one of those blissful secret days of love and laziness. Since we don't have cable, on Sunday all we had to watch was football. Since I did not have any energy to get further from the bed than the couch, I got to watch football all day long. No, I don't remember what the scores were or even which teams played (though I do know the San Diego teams lost in football and baseball).

Anyway, I can't really believe I am blogging about my relationship with football, but I am actually sick and actually tired, so there we go.

Football is for lovers. :)

My Energy is Lying on the Bed...

right next to the clean laundry that I did this morning. It was more activity than I have exerted since Friday night when I declared defeat and accepted the horrific power of a fall cold.

Mostly, I have been sleeping, sitting on the couch watching football and messing around with some photos on my laptop. Justin made the first run to the store to stock me up with juices, soup and some food. Last night with serious cabin fever, I walked over to the store with him and ended up waiting outside while he finished the shopping and I tried not to cough too conspicuously. There's nothing like a coughing person right next to the fresh fruits and vegetables. When we got home I retreated to the couch again.

Thank God I managed to get the two nights off at Mo's--I would have been a terrible person to have around at a fun rockin' restaurant like that.

Ever the overachiever, I feel like I should use this time off to get something accomplished, but my body is clearly telling me that my accomplishment lies in lying back down and recharging after that mad laundry-doing rush.

Such a waste of an absolutely gorgeous day. Oh well, noon is a terrible light for photography anyway.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

It's real! Not just an Oakley-idea! And I missed it! I could have worn my pirate socks, at least! Justin heard it on the radio and he argh-ed for a while, just so you know, Oakley. Next time I need more warning. I'll get an eye patch. A hat. I'll be ready. For now it's the socks and the argh.... I'll be practicing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The things I'll do for Mo's...

By popular demand,the Pride Week Pink Flamingo costume:

(The photographer, sadly, didn't catch the Giant Pink Flamingo Butt (which was stuffed with leftover foam red rodeo cowboy hats to fill it out).)

Apparently I can't get enough... Oakley caught this one at the zoo...

And from the Mo's First Year Anniversary Party last night:

Note, Justin carrying me is how our life really works--without him I'd be standing, alone, wobbly, trying to carry heavy stuff and get things off the top shelf and doing the dishes myself.... it would be awful.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happiness is Being Friends With Oakley (and Justin)

The Renaissance Faire, the zoo, the proof that I exist and go places because she's behind the camera and so is Brandon, instead of just ME ME ME ME ME! Ah, friends. Ah, love. Ah, fun.

People Who Should Not Be President (or hold any political office, or maybe not even occupy space in the universe)

George Bush and anyone related to him, but that's obvious.

Al Bundy. Though perhaps better than W?

Here begins a record of political opinion. OK, so it probably started a few blogs and thousands of deaths ago, but now it includes video footage.

Look for future entries with the same label as this one's title.

BTW, one of my favorite USMC wives was wearing a "Obama Mama" T-shirt yesterday when she stopped by my art show with her 5 and 3 year old kids. And one of my favorite local band members gave me a shirt with their moniker: "Nautical Disaster." The screenprint is of GW flipping us off while wearing a sailor hat. In French it reads, "Pile of Shit."

I live in a place that is not completely over run with idiots, a place of hope, angst and desperation tinged with vast and deep disappointment in the failures of others...

Art Shows and Puppies

Today I spent some extra time with Yaz and Stan, since Stan has a little broken bone in his little paw and so cannot go on long walks or to the park (also no jumping on softballs or tennis balls, no participating in the Yaz-is-trying-to-kill-me-but-she-doesn't-really-mean-it game). Of course, when I got up to possibly leave the condo, they were certain that I was taking them for a walk, so there was no hope for me.

Just click on the photo to see the album. :)

Yaz and Stan at Dog Park Sept 13 2007

I agreed to their extra-walk scheme, which apparently was necessary.

Stan peed on my foot (I'm sure he didn't know it) on his way to the gate, and then continued to pee on the stairs, so I had to participate in the hose down the sidewalk game.

I can't hold it against him, because once outside he actually ended up peeing on his own foot, since he wasn't lifting his leg properly.

Poor kid.

Yaz, who is the best fly catcher a household can hope for, was happy to be outside too, and we took our mini-walk around the block.

There was a hugely pregnant woman out there, and I felt very middle-aged-suburban-woman while I walked two matching dogs in the middle of the day.

The last two weekends were art-show-manias. I am totally spent, especially because the restaurant that provides us with a regular income (v. the artist-type-income) also requires that I work the weekends. So today is for computer-editing of the photos, instead of walking all over the neighborhoods of San Diego on my aching feet. I've done the photos for Mo's and I'm doing the photos for the BID calendar.

Tomorrow, probably a lot more walking.

Tonight, probably a self-serve pedicure.

Today, maybe a nap after lunch (which of course I will start by wishfully editing photos while seated on either the bed or the futon). The only thing that might keep me moving is if I do laundry too. Now there's some multi-tasking.

The art shows were cool--Ray at Night was very busy in a hectic kind of way. The University Heights Arts Open offered a much more laid back and spacious atmosphere, plus it was in the day time and I managed to get rid of the strappy tan lines my shoulders once bore.

Here's some photos, for any of you who didn't make it--to those who did stop by, thank you!

University Heights Arts Open

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Morning Thinking Process

When I wake up on Saturday mornings my first thought is, "Oh, I get to walk the puppies!" Then I realize it's Saturday and switch to, "Aw, I'll miss them, but Yay! I get to stay in bed!"

And then, and here comes the great part, I think, "What am I doing with my day today?"

In a drastic change from the past 8 years, I don't think, "Oh, I've got to grade all those papers and plan the weeks lessons for two or three different levels of literature."

Last week was the bestest. (Ha! Not really a word, but I want to use it anyway. So I will!) It was actually Labor Day thinking but it included, "Oh! I'm going to go paint ceramics with Diana!" But it was 1000 degrees out (seriously, people died from the heat wave we endured), and so we decided to go to Claire de Lune's to get cold coffee drinks (mocha frappe with real cinnamon blended in, no whip, please) and then went to get our bikinis and walked to the Lafayette Hotel pool. Jerry, the raddest (ha! words!) bar manager, lets bar patrons use the pool for free, so for FIVE HOURS we floated around in the water. We recruited neighbors and our husbands to join us, and having married well, Diana and I got pool side pizza service.

That's right, poolside pizza service! After having some of the magical fruity punch of Jerry's creation, the boys went to get pizza (all the good local places were closed or take too long to make their genuine Chicago or New York style pizzas, so we settled for Papa John's, which I haven't had in ages). The boys actually gave us plates of pizza and we ate in the water and didn't even get pizza in the pool! Ahhh.... married life.

Yesterday, Diana said she felt like she was eight, she had so much fun. I told her I'd go for older, like 14 or so, because our parents weren't there and we had boyfriends go on a food run for us. Also, we had a massive Pool Noodle fight that made the real grown ups there a little disgruntled, especially the boring pasty-white mom who wanted us to give up our Noodles so her "daughter who isn't a strong swimmer could have one." Jaye, the pushover, gave her one, but we were the Noodle Gang and did have two or three each. We're big kids, we needed them to float and for attacking and defending against the other Noodle Gang members.

Later, there were too many actual kids and other boring adults in the pool, plus we were majorly pruney, so we had to go. Besides, bizarre clouds had shrouded the sun and our special SPF products were no longer necessarily producing their desired effect.

Did I mention on the walk over we stopped at the air conditioned 7-11 behind our apartment complex and bought SLURPEES? I did a mix and match serving--which you all know is against my general protocol for eating and drinking.

Then when we got to the bar Diana spiked hers with a shot of something fruity.

hehehhehe... 14 going on 21.... And we are respectable members of the community!

But today's duties are all about art shows. Two in two weeks! And Ray at Night is tonight, so I have to set up my table (as a practice run, which I will photograph and re-do there), and pack up the car with all my supplies and stuff and keep breathing so I don't out freak out because I am so excited and also haven't had an art show in months.

But it's awesome to be back into the art world after my necessary foray into paying jobs and family crises. I am an artist, I've got some new work, and today the public will see that side of me.

Maybe tomorrow there will be a little Noodle Gang activity (sometime between church and the "real job" at Mo's.)

Ray at Night TONIGHT! Six Year Anniversary!

Wheeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited for Ray at Night that I feel the same way I did the night before Christmas when I was a kid.... and last year. :)

Come to North Park. If you park in the convenient giant parking structure, on the way down look out the window and you'll see the top of the world on the giant utility box I painted on 30th at University across from George's Camera---then read the sides; there's a Blake poem on there too! Then wander around. You'll find wine and cheese, art and ME!

I'll be at the main outdoor venue on Ray St. off University (a block from 30th) from 6-9 p.m.

OK. I've got to go run around like a sugared-up little kid now, I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I know, I know... I want you [at Ray at Night!]

And don't forget to check out Jaye's band Nautical Disaster afterward at the SD Sports Club!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Two Shows! Two Weekends! Too fun!


Ray at Night

University Heights Arts Open

Program to download

UHAO website excerpt:
The 2nd annual, University Heights Arts Open (UHAO) on September 15-16, 2007 is a free self guided tour of the arts. The weekend festival showcases the works of over 10 new as well as celebrated artists, playwrights, performers and musicians from the San Diego region enlivening the University Heights community.

Event hub: 4345 Campus Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 Noon-6pm (Birney School off Park Blvd.)