Monday, September 17, 2007

Art Shows and Puppies

Today I spent some extra time with Yaz and Stan, since Stan has a little broken bone in his little paw and so cannot go on long walks or to the park (also no jumping on softballs or tennis balls, no participating in the Yaz-is-trying-to-kill-me-but-she-doesn't-really-mean-it game). Of course, when I got up to possibly leave the condo, they were certain that I was taking them for a walk, so there was no hope for me.

Just click on the photo to see the album. :)

Yaz and Stan at Dog Park Sept 13 2007

I agreed to their extra-walk scheme, which apparently was necessary.

Stan peed on my foot (I'm sure he didn't know it) on his way to the gate, and then continued to pee on the stairs, so I had to participate in the hose down the sidewalk game.

I can't hold it against him, because once outside he actually ended up peeing on his own foot, since he wasn't lifting his leg properly.

Poor kid.

Yaz, who is the best fly catcher a household can hope for, was happy to be outside too, and we took our mini-walk around the block.

There was a hugely pregnant woman out there, and I felt very middle-aged-suburban-woman while I walked two matching dogs in the middle of the day.

The last two weekends were art-show-manias. I am totally spent, especially because the restaurant that provides us with a regular income (v. the artist-type-income) also requires that I work the weekends. So today is for computer-editing of the photos, instead of walking all over the neighborhoods of San Diego on my aching feet. I've done the photos for Mo's and I'm doing the photos for the BID calendar.

Tomorrow, probably a lot more walking.

Tonight, probably a self-serve pedicure.

Today, maybe a nap after lunch (which of course I will start by wishfully editing photos while seated on either the bed or the futon). The only thing that might keep me moving is if I do laundry too. Now there's some multi-tasking.

The art shows were cool--Ray at Night was very busy in a hectic kind of way. The University Heights Arts Open offered a much more laid back and spacious atmosphere, plus it was in the day time and I managed to get rid of the strappy tan lines my shoulders once bore.

Here's some photos, for any of you who didn't make it--to those who did stop by, thank you!

University Heights Arts Open

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