Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Leader of the Pack

Yaz has decided that my first duty upon entering the condo is sitting in the green chair and letting her hug me. I think one lap dog experience has spoiled her completely. Stan seems content to stand by and let me pet him from afar, but Yaz dives her face into the space between me and the chair and burrows. Then she rests her head on my chest and purrs. When Stan gets jealous enough he bites her ankles, only then am I able to get up and make their breakfast, but then he's mad that I'm not giving him hug-time, so he dives for my ankles. I give him a bit more attention and then I start to "cook."

Stan can wait for his food while playing and cuddling, but once Yaz is focused on the eats she just sits in the kitchen whining and begging until the moment is upon her.

They're a special little couple.

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