Monday, September 24, 2007

My Energy is Lying on the Bed...

right next to the clean laundry that I did this morning. It was more activity than I have exerted since Friday night when I declared defeat and accepted the horrific power of a fall cold.

Mostly, I have been sleeping, sitting on the couch watching football and messing around with some photos on my laptop. Justin made the first run to the store to stock me up with juices, soup and some food. Last night with serious cabin fever, I walked over to the store with him and ended up waiting outside while he finished the shopping and I tried not to cough too conspicuously. There's nothing like a coughing person right next to the fresh fruits and vegetables. When we got home I retreated to the couch again.

Thank God I managed to get the two nights off at Mo's--I would have been a terrible person to have around at a fun rockin' restaurant like that.

Ever the overachiever, I feel like I should use this time off to get something accomplished, but my body is clearly telling me that my accomplishment lies in lying back down and recharging after that mad laundry-doing rush.

Such a waste of an absolutely gorgeous day. Oh well, noon is a terrible light for photography anyway.

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oakmonster said...

Well you and me both, sister! My body seems to still be fighting off that bad fish I had on Friday.

Woke up this morning with a snuffed up nose and exhaustion. Thought it was a cold but the nose was allergies and cleared up after my daily spray. The exhaustion didn't go away though. And I'm still a bit gurgly...

And like you, I too did some work for a few hours today from home.

And I wish I can send you a bucket of my frozen chicken soup! Made from scratch for hours on Saturday. Aww....!