Monday, September 17, 2007

People Who Should Not Be President (or hold any political office, or maybe not even occupy space in the universe)

George Bush and anyone related to him, but that's obvious.

Al Bundy. Though perhaps better than W?

Here begins a record of political opinion. OK, so it probably started a few blogs and thousands of deaths ago, but now it includes video footage.

Look for future entries with the same label as this one's title.

BTW, one of my favorite USMC wives was wearing a "Obama Mama" T-shirt yesterday when she stopped by my art show with her 5 and 3 year old kids. And one of my favorite local band members gave me a shirt with their moniker: "Nautical Disaster." The screenprint is of GW flipping us off while wearing a sailor hat. In French it reads, "Pile of Shit."

I live in a place that is not completely over run with idiots, a place of hope, angst and desperation tinged with vast and deep disappointment in the failures of others...

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