Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ray at Night TONIGHT! Six Year Anniversary!

Wheeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited for Ray at Night that I feel the same way I did the night before Christmas when I was a kid.... and last year. :)

Come to North Park. If you park in the convenient giant parking structure, on the way down look out the window and you'll see the top of the world on the giant utility box I painted on 30th at University across from George's Camera---then read the sides; there's a Blake poem on there too! Then wander around. You'll find wine and cheese, art and ME!

I'll be at the main outdoor venue on Ray St. off University (a block from 30th) from 6-9 p.m.

OK. I've got to go run around like a sugared-up little kid now, I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I know, I know... I want you [at Ray at Night!]

And don't forget to check out Jaye's band Nautical Disaster afterward at the SD Sports Club!

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