Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Morning Thinking Process

When I wake up on Saturday mornings my first thought is, "Oh, I get to walk the puppies!" Then I realize it's Saturday and switch to, "Aw, I'll miss them, but Yay! I get to stay in bed!"

And then, and here comes the great part, I think, "What am I doing with my day today?"

In a drastic change from the past 8 years, I don't think, "Oh, I've got to grade all those papers and plan the weeks lessons for two or three different levels of literature."

Last week was the bestest. (Ha! Not really a word, but I want to use it anyway. So I will!) It was actually Labor Day thinking but it included, "Oh! I'm going to go paint ceramics with Diana!" But it was 1000 degrees out (seriously, people died from the heat wave we endured), and so we decided to go to Claire de Lune's to get cold coffee drinks (mocha frappe with real cinnamon blended in, no whip, please) and then went to get our bikinis and walked to the Lafayette Hotel pool. Jerry, the raddest (ha! words!) bar manager, lets bar patrons use the pool for free, so for FIVE HOURS we floated around in the water. We recruited neighbors and our husbands to join us, and having married well, Diana and I got pool side pizza service.

That's right, poolside pizza service! After having some of the magical fruity punch of Jerry's creation, the boys went to get pizza (all the good local places were closed or take too long to make their genuine Chicago or New York style pizzas, so we settled for Papa John's, which I haven't had in ages). The boys actually gave us plates of pizza and we ate in the water and didn't even get pizza in the pool! Ahhh.... married life.

Yesterday, Diana said she felt like she was eight, she had so much fun. I told her I'd go for older, like 14 or so, because our parents weren't there and we had boyfriends go on a food run for us. Also, we had a massive Pool Noodle fight that made the real grown ups there a little disgruntled, especially the boring pasty-white mom who wanted us to give up our Noodles so her "daughter who isn't a strong swimmer could have one." Jaye, the pushover, gave her one, but we were the Noodle Gang and did have two or three each. We're big kids, we needed them to float and for attacking and defending against the other Noodle Gang members.

Later, there were too many actual kids and other boring adults in the pool, plus we were majorly pruney, so we had to go. Besides, bizarre clouds had shrouded the sun and our special SPF products were no longer necessarily producing their desired effect.

Did I mention on the walk over we stopped at the air conditioned 7-11 behind our apartment complex and bought SLURPEES? I did a mix and match serving--which you all know is against my general protocol for eating and drinking.

Then when we got to the bar Diana spiked hers with a shot of something fruity.

hehehhehe... 14 going on 21.... And we are respectable members of the community!

But today's duties are all about art shows. Two in two weeks! And Ray at Night is tonight, so I have to set up my table (as a practice run, which I will photograph and re-do there), and pack up the car with all my supplies and stuff and keep breathing so I don't out freak out because I am so excited and also haven't had an art show in months.

But it's awesome to be back into the art world after my necessary foray into paying jobs and family crises. I am an artist, I've got some new work, and today the public will see that side of me.

Maybe tomorrow there will be a little Noodle Gang activity (sometime between church and the "real job" at Mo's.)

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