Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boys are Mean and I am Young

Not Justin, really, but:

Conversation with Justin when he just woke up and I finished e-whining about my nose:

O: Look at my face. Do I have a black eye? Look at my eye.

J: [eyes are not quite open, squinting into the sun and the opening of day]

O: Really!?!! Look again. Is it swollen?

J: A little bit.

O: Where is it black?

J: Just right there. A little bit. [He pointed to the inner bridge of my nose, where my glasses would rest if they didn't hurt to wear.]

O: Really?!?!

Later, when his eyes are more open and we are in the lighting of the bathroom mirror.

O: Look again. Is my eye lid black? I'm trying to see it, but I can't?

J: How can you see your own eye lid? 'Oh, when my eyes are closed it's black!'

O: No, I go like this: [I squinted one eye with my head raised so I could see myself in the medicine cabinet mirror, then I switched eyes]. Look again.

J: [looks--getting exhasperated. Hardy Marine.] You don't have a black eye. It's just dark circles.

My eyes were closed and he leaned in for a kiss but got the splatter of a shocked woman who would have spat her martini in his eye if she had been drinking one.

I will grow old gracefully. I do not have a black eye. I am not banged up. I have no bruises. I am tough and graceful and full of vitality.

Dark circles. Hmph. People sometimes think I am in my early 20s. Ten years younger than my age! I will not dye my hair or lift my face or boobs or neck. I'll do yoga and run and be old and beautiful and strong. But first I have to go to the orthodontist now, to have my teeth adjusted, which I would have done as a teenager if I could afford it. It's better now in my thirties though--I brush obsessively. (Which I probably would have done in my teens too... I've always been obsessed with brushing my teeth. It's a very comforting activity.)

...when I'm 64...

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Karla said...

I'm not going to dye my hair either. This is how God made me, dark circles under the eyes and all. Thanks for visiting my blog. It was so nice to see a comment on a chemistry post. =) Good luck at the orthodontist. I hated flossing with braces. I hope you're not too sore after the adjustments.