Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not so unimportant

Yesterday, my first day working at Mo's since the fires started on Sunday, I realized that having the restaurants open and offering people drinks was not really so pointless, heartless or ignorant/careless.

One of the tables we served was from Ramona. They were waiting for their food and at some point told the server that their home was burning down as they spoke; that they just wanted to get back to their hotel and sleep.

Another server listened to a story from a regular whose house stood, but who saw houses on all the other blocks burned to the ground.

San Diego outside the evacuation sites filled with newly or temporarily homeless people is not just a bunch of adults on a sudden reprise of spring break.

We weren't wasting our time serving food and drink.

In a different way than teaching, and just like teaching, we were part of the recovery effort.

Part of normal.

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oakmonster said...

I told my coworker about you going to work and seeing people at the bars.

People seek solace in the community in this crazy time. What's better place to do it than your neighborhood bar. And you are doing good work, making them either forget for a little while, share their pain, or offer a little comfort.