Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here's the morning update (from me at 6 a.m., posted by the San Diego Union Tribune just after 2 a.m.)

In short: The President declared the fires a National Emergency, so come on in FEMA. People are dead (one, officially, but those missing (unknown number) of course will increase the final figure, not to mention those in the burn unit who don't make it), the fire has spread into the same places the Cedar Fire ravaged (and just a week ago we dared to comment on the pretty regrowth and the fading scars visible from the freeway) and might even make it to the coast.

If it makes it to the coast, there isn't a place in San Diego I can think of where it does that without taking a lot of buildings down in its path, except for the lagoon (worse!?!?! protected habitat!), or through Camp Pendleton, which as of last night was not burning at all, but which was being used by Fallbrook residents as an escape route to Orange County--with Marine escorts of course--via Ammunition Road to the I5. I can't imagine the name isn't totally apt, given the general creativity of the military.

Holy shit.

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oakmonster said...

Keep us updated, if you can. WE're worried up here!!!