Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Park fun with the Parents!

Mom and Dad met my borrow-puppies today, even though it was raining. They were real troopers, though Mom was constantly worried about how wet I was getting. I explained that I had a rainproof jacket on and that my hair was curly like the puppies and that I could change my jeans later. Also that I was 32 so I'd worry about my rain issues and they could worry about theirs (while borrowing our giant umbrellas).

So here's some cute pics of us all. Yaz was especially playful because there was a giant yellow bouncy ball to chase, and I let her bark as much as she wanted to since there were no other doggie-families there to get confused between "scary" bark and "silly" bark. She was such a tease and a runner that she was all tuckered out on the drive home; she might even have napped. Not Stan though, Stan was astute the whole way home, with his head out the window and his body pressed up against mine as the three of us kids shared the back seat and Mom and Dad took the front.

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