Friday, October 05, 2007

Scary Wind!

This morning the puppies and I have had the most fascinating and exciting time of our friendship.

When I got to their house we had the usual morning lovefest. Stan had the green-chair hug, Yaz trotted about. Then Stan remembered that a tennis ball had been lost under the couch, so he started to dig through the couch to get it. I helped, to his great joy, with a green hook thing that I wouldn't be surprised was purchased for this purpose alone, but which looks like it could be a piece of exercise equipment.

Stan went to his doggie bed and blissfully gnawed and tossed his head about with the ball in his mouth. Occasionally it rolled away, and with Yaz now on my lap we both stared at it and he decided to fetch it for himself.

Then it rolled close enough to my feet for me to reach it.

So I caught it between the two and lifted my legs so that they were straight out from the chair; Yaz still relaxing as though a princess.

Stan was totally mystified. He looked all over the floor, checked under the couch and the chair and then returned to the general area where the ball had stopped. He noticed the bridge of my legs and then my tennis shoes, which I'm sure threw him off the scent with their Mo's remains of the night (beer, BBQ sauce, bleach, cigarette ashes). Finally he noticed the bright green orb between the shoes. He stared for a moment, planning his strategy. Then he took the plunge and grabbed the ball without even snagging his teeth in my shoes.

Victory for Stan!

A few cuddles and pets later, I asked Yaz if she was ready for breakfast and she jumped down and walked to the kitchen in response.

Nursing a Mo's gift-shots and then five hours of sleep headache, we walked to the Garden for my mocha and a bagel.

The wind.

The puppies were very excited for their snacks, which they once again failed to catch in the air after Jeremy's softball throw. Then the gust of wind from today's almost blustery day (a real blustery day wouldn't allow me to be blogging in a tank top and jeans now) shot through the flowy awning of the Garden's patio cover. Stan immediately fell into his fear and trepidation mode--tail down, cringing and looking around to see why the sky was falling and where it would fall. Yaz was oblivious, still looking for more snacks on the floor. The third gust though, that got them both and we had to move to a table and allow Justin to bring me my breakfast.

Stan cowered at my legs, except when he was trying to back up and hide behind the couch, while Yaz tried to eat crumbs from my bagel off my shirt.

When we got back to their condo Stan kept close to my legs (also during the very awkward trippy walk home), so I'm hanging out here with their comforting sounds of NPR in the background. For a while Yaz rested next to me with her head on my feet. Stan seems calmer now too, so I think I can make the great escape.

I can only imagine (oh no! super loud BANG! crash!) what thunder and lightning will bring. All three of us jumped just now. Stan is on the couch now with me--vigilant and frightened at once.


It's going to be a long day for the babies. He wants to lie down, but he's scared. Every sound causes him to lift his head with concern.

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