Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, My Nose

Thus far, it seems I have been spared the experience of sporting a black eye. In fact, everything that hurts to touch is still relatively the same color as the rest of my skin. Maybe this means I don't bruise so easily any more, maybe this means my bones are bruised underneath, maybe I'm just a wimp. I am sure the answer is two of the above or all of the above, definitely including the last choice.

But let's talk about my nose.

It's not my American feature. In fact, I am sure it plays a big role in allowing Indians to identify me as One of Them.

The nose Americans, the nose that garners admiration is a button nose, or a straight, petite nose, or a nose with a little upturn at the tip. Jennifer Aniston bought one of these noses. The girl that played Kelly on 90210 has one of these noses.

I have my dad's nose.

My dad is 100% Indian.

People look at our family of four and think that my brother and dad look alike because they have darker skin, while my mom and I fall more into the olive skin-tone range. But look, people. Look!

The resemblance is in the facial features. Neil is darker than Mom, but he's got her bone structure--actually, her dad's bone structure. The eyebrow arch, the longer, thinner nose and face than mine.

If in any way I am a smaller version of my father, it is unquestionably my nose. From my forehead to the tip it follows the dip at the brow, then the bump up and the flat slope to the end that is his--that is India's. At once relatively large and flat--close to the face, the cheeks, but to so flat as to be "an Asian nose."

Not Kelly's nose.

And now, on the right side, swollen.

If I lay my finger alongside the left of my nose it occupies the space that is now raised on the right side of my face.

The right side of my face is attempting to look Asian.

Probably no one will notice, but now that I've written about it... No, I will not post a photograph.

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