Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stanford beat USC!

Dennis and I were high-fiving each other at work last night. This totally made up for the Cubs loss of the game and ultimately the World Series 2007 dream. Meanwhile, I wonder how it is I care so much about sports--actively! As in, I wonder how much longer til the game starts, and who's playing today, and how much of that game will I get to watch. And we're talking football and baseball here! College and pro! And *sing-songy playground voice* USC lloooooooooossssssssst!

Reminder: I hate USC because I love the UC system and UCLA sports. One of my all time favorite honors English students was not only a smart, creative and articulate thinker, but also a really nice guy to his classmates and a kicker at TPHS and then at Stanford.

My logic in picking teams is probably the only thing that saves me from true sports fanatic status.

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oakmonster said...

Thanks. Rub it in some more why don't you.