Friday, October 12, 2007

Swirly Whirly!

I'm listening to Gloria Penner and the Editors' Round Table on KPBS and they're talking about the children's health care program ideas being tossed around the government these days. Over the top, like a descant out of tune, the voices of old women sail into my living room from two doors down the hall. They switch between singing snippets of old show tunes and excited banter about God knows what. Our apartment manager threw in a few bars of Old Man Tucker; he is continually exalted by my retired-nun neighbor for his skills as a gardener and handyman, which really do make our living environment quite pleasant. But still, the descant.

Additionally, the laundry is spinning away downstairs, hopefully to be finished before I have to leave for work in just over an hour.

Meanwhile and unfortunately, Justin was right: I am more sore from the doggies tripping-of-me yesterday. My butt actually hurts. Plus my back. And my neck. Dogs though, do not have long memories, so I could not continue to punish them today or even mention the incident (not that they would understand my words). But, they dug their own hole by barking at their little pug neighbor just two apartment complexes from where all three of them live. So, short leashes it was. These are well trained dogs--they walked by my legs one on each side, only straying when I let some of the leash free so that they could do their business. They seriously considered barking at two other big dogs later in the walk, but they didn't because I pulled against their harnesses and told them "No Barking," and then complimented them for being good dogs.

Now they know who's in charge.

Maybe I'm not as favorite an Auntie as I used to be, but you wouldn't know it based on the greeting I received--as vigorous and thrilled as ever. By Monday we'll all be in love again--if my tush doesn't hurt so much. Before leaving I told Justin, "Maybe they're mad at me because I took their mommy ice skating and she fell and bruised her knee. 'We'll show you for hurting our mommy!'" He replied with, "'Yeah. You're just the hired help, you know.'"

In other news AL GORE WON THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! I think I have a little crush on him now. (You know me, always a soft spot for the underdog.) This Vice President, who was sadly ridiculed during his tenure for playing too quite a role in the shadow of President Bill Clinton, this Presidential candidate who was so pathetically muted during his campaign by his handlers that we didn't get to see his spectacular passion for the world has finally been recognized for his genius and his work with not only an Oscar for the movie An Inconvenient Truth, but also a Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him and the UN Panel of scientist working against global warming. That's right, scientists and a politician together won the Nobel Peace Prize because global warming is not just an environmental issue, but also an issue that is fast becoming a cause for both verbal and violent dissent among nations. With great foresight, Al Gore has done work to call attention to this problem and help people move forward toward saving the world--and people are finally recognizing his necessary existence in our world. Al Gore: a truth we almost missed, a voice he finally harnessed--inconveniently.

Can I really have a crush on Al Gore?

And will he ever run for President? I understand why he wouldn't--his momentum and attention to global warming is necessary and actually working. Why would he want to get caught up in all the other political fodder that rolls and rolls in the muck until it can't move at all? Would his time really be more effectively spent spreading his intellectual power and international political stature addressing national health care, gay marriage, the budget deficit we have built and the wars we have fumbled under the current President's tenure? Perhaps he is correct in choosing to focus on his passion instead of embroiling himself in what he already knows and has experienced as a spinning wheel. Perhaps his turn as Presidency is further in the offing.

But imagine a Gore-Obama ticket.

Imagine a better world.

Somehow it will improve. Gore will be a player in the game, it's just a question of what role he will play.

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