Tuesday, November 20, 2007

*breathe* San Francisco

He really likes it there.

UCSF is starting their first Emergency Department Residency Program with this class. That means Justin would be part of UCSF history--one of the first residents to graduate from UCSF in Emergency Medicine.

They've had residents before from Stanford and other schools, but this would be their own department. Accordingly, the attendings and the Director are very excited. She has started a residency program before--and UCSF certainly wouldn't pick just anyone to do such a thing.

But it's San Francisco.

Justin was cold with his regular jacket on, and had to wear the overcoat we bought for him (with his suit!) to stay warm. And it's only November.

And it's San Francisco. I really like San Francisco. But I really love living here and the new life I'm building here. On the other hand, how better to really reconstruct my life than by moving to a new city.

The Director teared up when she read his personal statement--who wouldn't. Justin's life has shaped him to be an ER doctor. Justin's life has been an extraordinary chain of ordinary, glorious and horrific events sprinkled with just enough love and joy to make him compassionate and lovable.

So will we move to San Francisco?

It remains to be seen. In the mean time, I have a life here that I am tending with as much love as I can muster--which means developing photos, calling clients and preparing art shows. Also, maybe I'll get the house a little bit cleaner before my husband comes home tomorrow.

I want him to be happy.

I want to be happy.

I want us to be happy together. Anywhere, just together.

And I want my own studio space. He can have the living room and the office merged... then both spaces will be clean and organized and he won't have to deal with my art supplies all over the place. He'll like that.

San Francisco.

I would need new shoes.

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It's far...er than San Diego!!!!