Friday, November 09, 2007

Godwilling we've met our quota for dead parent....

al units for at least this year if not this decade. I'm so sad aboutthelosses I've married in to, I can't imagine the ones I was born into.


I think it's best that I realized that drinking my way out of this is ineffiecient while Iwas in SD, at Mo's, instead of testing it at the river... someone should be sane-ish there. I volunteer.

I see dead people everywhere.

And Lemon Drops are yummy. Especially when Munson makes them. It's like lemonade. With a shugary rim in afancy glass.

I'm leavin ghtem tyhping this way on puruse. ha!

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oakmonster said...

If you like Lemon Drop, you MUST try a few shots of Limoncello. Actually, maybe you shouldn't. I am an addict. Heh.

But now that the weather is a bit cooler, I turned to tawny port.