Friday, November 30, 2007

Holy Cow!

Justin and I have redefined hectic in our lives.

December used to be miserable because despite my desire to focus on holiday cheer I had to focus on getting grade-related crap done so that the kids could know how much fun they would be allowed to have during their break. Parents would actually call me about this baloney. They'd want me to know off the top of my head, "What's my kid's grade?"

"I don't know off the top of my head." What with 200+ students. "I'll have to look it up for you and add in the test he took, but that was today and I still have to grade it." What with him having taken it at 8 a.m., but the test having included an essay and short answers, and with having proctored three sessions of the test over the day and confiscated two cell phones, I haven't read his test just yet. Jesus.

Now, it's Justin spending 3 of the next 14 nights in our home because he's travelling for interviews so much. At least 4 of the nights we'll be together in Chicago, so that's just 50% of his nights in a strange bed and me taking up our whole bed. Ahhhhhhhhhh! (good and bad ah.)

I'll be nuts with missing him later on, but since it's intermittent, I occassionally like the space and silence.

As for me, I've got four art shows from today til Dec. 11. Which is just 12 days away. Today, at Sundance Elementary School I'm in the Holiday Arts and Crafts Boutique. This show involves driving to Rancho Penasquitos in the rain--praise God, Dorian took my shift at Mo's. At the last minute last night he overheard me asking others if they wanted it.

Then, after Chicago, there's the biggy. Balboa Park's December Nights, which is fabulous and fun and in which I am showing in for the first time. (God willing this is the rainy weekend and next weekend is the dry one.)

On Dec. 11 we Mo's have a show at Betty's, which will be totally fun. In the meantime, I'm doing a Bar Basic show by proxy on Tuesday Night to sell calendars. Godwilling that goes well.

Plus, I'm turning 11 for the 3rd time on Dec. 9 (it's Sunday, I'll be working the Mo's Brunch.) I'm calling the Dec. 10 Mo Christmas Party my birthday party--everyone I know will be there, and the alcohol and food will be flowing freely. Fun!

OK. I gotta jump on the work necessary for this crazy venture. Plus laundry and packing and the like. I'm going to buy the comfy weather-oriented boots in Chicago, because I don't have time to shop here and I also can't buy appropriate weather wear here.

*deep breath* Dive into the deep end!

Can you believe last year at this time I was still on disability and seriously mourning my life and the anniversary of my post-partum depression sans baby because of a miscarriage earlier?

This fun fun busy time is such an extraordinary victory for me.

Blessings on the journey. :)

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