Sunday, November 18, 2007

Justin has left the building!

I love him dearly, but given that my "studio" is actually our living room and I have major shows coming up in the near future, I am so excited about having the apartment to myself for a few days. It's only been 3 hours since I dropped him off at the airport, and already I've gotten more done than I have in a few days... and I can leave it all spread out so as to return to my career after I go to my job--an important distinction, given that I will spend my day making sure people have the right amounts of syrup, butter or salsa to go with their breakfasts.

Meanwhile, our beloved SuperMD Justin is interviewing in San Francisco to become a resident there. Over breakfast we reminisced about meeting our "Happy Marrieds" friends at the White Coat ceremony nearly four years ago. He said he'd burn his short white coats, but after some discussion, he decided he's going to keep the one they gave him and pass the other two down to his Lil' Sib'.

So, wish him luck. It would be a nice ego boost to get into UCSF again, this time for residency instead of medical school, but as much as I am up for an adventure I'm pretty excited about my blossoming photo career and connections down here and hope we get to stay in my favorite little town with the borrow puppies and the gaybors. Not that in San Fransisco we'd have trouble finding gay'bors.

*cue the music* "It's independence day...!"

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