Thursday, November 01, 2007

That eerie orange glow....

From Oct. 21 to about Oct. 27 we looked for it in person or on TV--the signal that fire was getting too near.

The smoke this year I think kept even our consummate gardener and groundskeeper apartment manager from spending too much time outdoors--even his morning routine of sweeping and weeding and tending the plants was interrupted. I wondered whether Halloween might actually pass us by without decorations this year. If whether from exhaustion or respect he would choose not to cheerfully inundate our yard with holiday symbols.

But yesterday morning he did it--he covered each of our porch light with little lunch-sack size orange bags with white markings that make them look like carved pumpkins.

Apparently he has gotten over the worry that they might be a fire hazard.

Unfortunately, they emit that orange glow we have grown to fear.

So there it is--our apartment building marching forward instead of stagnating in the past of even just yesterday.

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