Thursday, December 27, 2007

Female Pakistani Former Priminister Benazir Bhutto Killed in Suicide Attack

I cruised down the channels of Basic Cable, looking for news--checking on the world today. Truth be told, I was thinking about the weather and the traffic for today because my parents are driving down from Huntington Beach to visit us for a belated Christmas celebration. When I finally got past the cartoons, sitcoms and commercials I hit C-SPAN and saw the "Western White House, Crawford Texas" emblem with President GW Bush walking away from the press conference podium. Then they flashed her beautiful photo and 1953-2007.

I sucked the air out of the room, wondering how this world will change again, wondering if there can be any hope of peace anywhere with violence erupting everywhere.

Please God, do not let President Bush believe that another invasion of another country is a solution to anything. Time cannot tick quickly enough toward the end of his miserable tenure as our embarrassing national and (sadly) world leader.

Here are some reports from The Times of India: news of the assassination

I will not rest till terror is rooted out of Pak: Musharraf
27 Dec 2007, 2206 hrs IST,AP
Declaring a three-day state mourning over the assassination of former premier Benazir Bhutto, Musharraf called it a "terror attack" and appealed for calm.

Bush tells Mush to stay on path to democracy
Bush said that Benazir knew her life was at risk when she went back to Pakistan, thus absolving his administration which is credited with engineering her return from exile.

Bhutto aide blames military-security establishment

I don't understand fighting for peace or prosperity or leadership with violence. I do not understand the need for violence.

Admittedly, I have not fully researched the Pakistani-Indian region conflicts, but add it to my list of worries, my doubts of any glimmer of possibility of peace--world peace, country peace, state peace, three generations of one family killed on Christmas Eve near Seattle... a little girl was killed in our city... I'm sure it was an accident of random violence. I can't bear to think of these families killing families.

So, the birth of Jesus and the promise of Grace and Peace that He brings continues to be a Promise in waiting.

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