Thursday, December 06, 2007


I was sad when we left Chicago. Not sad like crying-sad, but wistful sad. As we took off I said to Justin, "Well, that's either the last time we go to Chicago or we'll be moving here in June."

He said we'd go back for conferences and the like. He's very non-committal about the residency thing.

Then, as we flew into San Diego, I said, "Hey, you know I could leave here right? I mean, I like it and everything, but we don't have to stay here."

He is convinced that I don't want to leave San Diego. Maybe it's because I burst into tears on the sidewalk after we left the hotel on the way to meet our ride to the party at the hospital. But that was after he liked his interviews, and before I met all the people at that party. Even then I told him it was a big idea to adjust to, and that he knows I'm always bad with change before it happens, but once it does I usually settle into it.

Today we wandered around three more Chicago neighborhoods, looking for places we might like to live. There are a couple of areas where we feel comfortable.

Later, as our feet became painfully cold because the temperature dropped even as the snow melted into dirty yuck car-exhaust-brown and dog-pee-yellow, I said, "What about your foot?"

It hurts his foot to walk so much in the cold weather and he slips and slides a lot. It's also really difficult for him to walk up and down hills because his left foot doesn't bend with the prosthetic in the shoe and he doesn't have toes for pushing off to go up or gripping to go down. (Come to think of it, I'm not sure how he gets around at all. Super Justin!)

San Francisco has hills everywhere, 365 days a year. Chicago has no hills, and is only cold... not all year.

I guess home is just where Justin is. The rest is just a costume change.

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