Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Two Faces of Chicago

We flew out here because we thought a county program would be right up his alley. It's "community medicine" and serves underprivileged populations. It is also the larges ER facility in the United States and serves three times as many patients as other hospitals such as UCSF, UCSD and Northwestern.


There's also that thing that people have on first dates--that chemistry that sparks or doesn't.

On one of my first dates with someone, they guy kept shocking me with comments that implied a lack of respect for other people and a self-centered attitude I feared might create a relationship wherein he treated me poorly.

Meanwhile, the so-called Ivory Tower emanates warmth and sincerity that drew both of us into its fold...

I have to stop trying to plan the future, over which I have little to no control. Meanwhile, tomorrow we will check out neighborhoods we might want to live in if we come here for Justin's residency.

Meanwhile, I keep checking myself and pushing Justin's buttons, just to see/prove that I'm not just some girl following a guy and his dreams instead of staying focused and developed on mine. I know that marriage implies this kind of loyalty and support, and I know that Justin supports me in so many different ways, but it just feels so "stand by your man" to move to another state or city because of his career.

I do like it here though. It would be such an adventure to leave San Diego and renew my life-license in some other town.

One other funny thing--all the Ivory Tower residents say you can live in Chicago without a car, whereas all the county kids say there's no way to live here without one. County is a bit outside the deepest downtown center of the city, "cabs don't come to this hospital" one resident said, because it is a slightly scary section of town. But it's interesting to see the personality contrast between people at a hospital that touts itself as a service hospital, versus a hospital that is private, but where the caregivers seem to really care for the patients and the world and want to make it a better place. I am sure the county people care, but I know from experience that a ridiculous and unrealistic client load leads to severe burnout and inability to serve people to the capacity one might have hoped to reach.

It looks like the underdog is winning the race...

go figure.

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