Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hillary, Barrack, headache

I sent this e-mail to some politically inclined friends last week, but then I found the Chicago Tribune's endoresement of Obama and Caroline Kennedy's "A President Like My Father" about Obama. And now my head is going to explode.

Here's my NYT Hillary missive; more on the others after I do more reading:

I've been having trouble deciding between Obama and Clinton, and then I found my beloved New York Times had made an endorsement. Granted, Clinton is "theirs" now, but they wouldn't choose someone just because she's "from" their state.

They're right--I have been totally enchanted by Obama's rhetoric and style. I love the way he electrifies a crowd, inspires his audience and actually lets us believe that there is hope for the future. I love Barack Obama. I love his wife Michelle and the way they have raised their two daughters. I can tell you and anyone else that he is not Muslim, though if he were I think that would be the ultimate irony of our current leader's demise.

But Hillary does have tangible experience and ideas (see article). I do worry about her style, but face it, a woman has to be a bulldog occasionally or men don't take her seriously. Of course, men don't take bulldogs seriously either, but I think she can work on that. As some of you know, I too have worked on my speaking style to make it more palpable to my softer listeners.

I can't help but feel that voting for a man I would love to hear speak would be like voting for a man someone might like to have over for dinner or a beer.

That would be a tragic mistake for the voting citizens of the United States to make more than once.

I still have more research to do, but for today I'm actually leaning toward Hillary.

BTW, they endorsed McCain as their Republican candidate.

Cheers and happy election research,

PS Click on the link below to read their article--it's free and they won't start hassling you with e-mail unless you ask for it.

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I've been having trouble deciding between Obama and Clinton, and then I found my beloved New York Times had made an endorsement...

OPINION | January 25, 2008
Editorial: Primary Choices: Hillary Clinton
The Times's editorial board strongly recommends that Democrats select Hillary Clinton as their nominee for the 2008 presidential election.

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