Thursday, January 24, 2008

"In a special manner"

Yes, I am excited in a special manner.

Just like when I've had too much dinner and I'm burstingly full, there's a special compartment available for creme brulee.

I am especially excited about the idea of moving to San Francisco (or anywhere....).
(for reference to post title and above commentary, see previous post and anonymous comment)

I love the puppies especially:

I stayed with the puppies and worked on photos today because we could all use a little extra company. We were listening to NPR and for a while Yaz was sitting by me on the couch and then she went to her own bed. Stan was content napping in the middle of the floor. Sure, they look at you like you're the meanest person on earth when you walk out that door and leave them pathetically all alone all day, but really they just sleep even if there's someone to play with.

When I finally couldn't stand my laptop anymore, we took a walk to Mama's Lebanese Kitchen so I could have some lunch. They were VERY excited for the Great Outdoor Adventure. But it was windy, and Stan has to have the highest doggy-blood pressure in the world. Windy walks are maybe even worse than truck/men walks. I swear he thinks the sky is attacking him from every side. Of course, as I ate at one of the sidewalk tables (sunny! pretty!) Stan watched the road vigilantly for stranger-danger, and Yaz watched me vigilantly for dropped food. Poor Yaz. My falafael wrap and spinach pie were too yummy to spill.

They were adorable walking home--they could sense us getting closer and tried to avoid going into the complex because they didn't know I was going to stay even longer. So then, when I sat on the couch and started the movie they were vying for cuddle time. (OK, OK, I was encouraging them to join me on the couch, but still...) At first I had one on each side of me but then there was some jostling around and they departed. Then, they came back, and Stan was closest to the couch and I kept telling him to just come on up, and Yaz was nosing her way in and there was some growling. Instead of doing my usual routine and picking up Yaz for lap-time, I picked up Stan (he was the victim in the situation...). He didn't even fight me and then since he was so comfy on the blanket that was on me he just lay there on my tummy for half the movie. Yaz tried to nose her way in again (first she left in disdain), and he growled at her! They were growling at each other.

It was ridiculous.

I felt perilously loved.

So I helped her up so she could sit on the other side of me. Of course they both fell asleep during the movie--but Premonition was too scary for me to sleep through, especially since I keep re-dreaming a bad dream with variations on the theme. When it was finally over I had to wake them up so I could move... and leave.

Leaving involved a lot of faking out. Yaz had been a little bell ringer all day, but I know her wily ways and I knew she already had bonus-pee-time, but I let them trot about the complex while I put my shoes on. Then I tricked them into thinking I was playing inside, and when they came back upstairs I made my escape.

They probably acted all pathetic and lonely and happy and thrilled to see their owners when they got home, but that's because they love them, and because they weren't going to tell anyone that they conned Aunty 'Laina into hangin' with them practically all day long.

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