Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Someone just said: I'm so excited...

I am "especially excited about the possibility of moving [to San Francisco]."


I hadn't realized. I just thought I was more willing to move there than I am willing to move to Fresno, LA or Santa Ana. To be honest, it's a bit of a toss up between San Francisco and Chicago, but the below freezing weather and higher airfare from here to there does weigh in favor of San Francisco.

What are these words "especially excited"?

I know... they're what people have to say when they want to convince another person that they really want what the person has to offer to them.

So I'm especially excited.

I'm not especially excited about anything. I just want to know what comes next. I'm never even excited about a vacation until I am actually on the way. I always have too much to do to be excited before whatever it is that happens.

Besides, I'm not taking deep enough breaths to be excited.

Maybe I should breathe more. And start running while the ground is still flat and the weather is still bearable and I still know where I am.

Yeah, I'm totally excited about waiting 58 more days to find out where someone else is going to tell me they've decided I will spend my next four or so years.

Especially excited.

More immediately, I am especially excited about eating large quantities of chocolate and watching a crappy chick flick while lying on the couch in my cozy apartment that happens to be walking distance from Blockbuster, the public library, Henry's and a slew of bars and restaurants.

I've heard there's places like this oh so comfortable neighborhood in other parts of the United States.


Super excited.

I'm going to go practice breathing now. While I keep being excited about just today... because really that's all I can handle.

day at a time.

Just one day.

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Anonymous said...

one definition of especially is "in a special manner." I would say you are at least excited in a special manner. :)