Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And God Said...

Unfortunately, the people of the world weren't listening carefully. So many of them missed the part where He said, "Love one another." No exceptions. Just love one another.

In the clip below all of the quotations are from the Old Testament, the part of the Bible that comes before Jesus is born--Jesus, whom Christians believe is God because of this really neat concept called the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Also a physically proven possibility as demonstrated with water at a certain temperature when it is ice, liquid and vapor at once in triple-point theory.)

The ability to quote the Bible does not make any one Christian. It just demonstrates the ability to memorize and parrot words.

It is Love that makes one Christian. Grace. A gift from God. Love given freely. Grace. Saved by Grace through Faith Alone. Christians are called on by God to demonstrate that Love, as He did through His Son Jesus Christ.

People should not steal a label that is supposed to be positive to justify their negative behavior. But they do, and it ruins the world. (What is the difference between a fundamentalist Christian and a fundamentalist Muslim? Who really is the terrorist when everyone is dying?)

People like me (who believe in the Love of God) end up repeatedly contextualizing the words ripped from the Bible and abusively used without the Whole Story. Sadly, Fundamentalists are so loud and we are so meek that we get a bad reputation as believers (Muslim, Christian and otherwise).

Having converted to Christianity after a long period of study on my part (yes, involving weeping and gnashing of teeth!), and having come from a family of Eastern and Western traditions, I believe I can see religion through relatively clear lenses. I am open-minded, open-hearted... and willing to explain that God loves Everyone.

One of My Brilliant-est Former Students Posted This on Her Facebook:

I cannot even allow myself to think about that 15-year-old boy and his family in Oxnard, CA, and the outrageous immoral hateful violent putrid act of killing him--at school no less! where children should be safe!--because he was gay.

It makes me physically reel with swirling pain.

I'll go to the vigil at The Center, but I am afraid if I let his death occupy space in my brain right now my world will get too dark, too heavy, too unbearable for me to breathe.

Breathing is quite an accomplishment, you know.

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