Sunday, March 23, 2008

My little Sermon from the Couch

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

This will be the phrase of the day for this Easter Sunday's church service and the next few weeks....

I don't remember having missed a Good Friday service since I was baptized on Pentecost in 1996, but we didn't go this year. Doing all-things-San-Diegan seems less urgent when I know next year I can come down and stay with a friend for Holy Week (Thurs-Sun) and go to the services. This year we had guests and yummy dinner to eat, and we were exhausted and church seemed so far away and traffic was bad.... so we didn't go. Same goes for Maundy Thursday.

But the handy thing about tradition and liturgy is I know what would have happened if I had gone and what took place despite my absence. I did what I had to do during those hours, but I have spent time in penitent thought these past few days. There are probably some people who attend these services and don't really consider the depth of the messages and symbols, but especially because I was absent I have been considering them.

It's too late in the night to comment on all of that now, but I feel certain that in the past I have often forgiven, apologized or reconnected with people with whom there had been conflict. It seems like a good time for it, those three days between Jesus' death and his rising. I know they are not, but they feel like dangerous times, what with God mourning the death of His Child and all. Not to mention Christ being locked away in a cave for his burial. It seems like a raw and barren time. A good time to do a systems check and make sure that my own "house is in order," as the Christians are fond of saying. This year didn't seem so dangerous. It was definitely a contemplative time--even with Oakley here and all of us indulging in San Diego's yummiest food and the fun of each other's company--but I felt less like the sad and scared women who are on the outside of the tomb grieving Christ's death, and more like one of the insiders (if the walls could talk), who knew that he was fine. That he was just spending some time gathering his thoughts and getting ready to come back and tell His disciples and by extension the rest of us what to do--at least to give us a vague plan, a general idea, a reminder of His teachings of sorts. This year, I felt like I knew that He was still here, planning and watching over us. Me. This year the person to consider was busy planning Easter.

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