Thursday, March 06, 2008


So the inexplicable dizziness from two nights ago was probably a bit of an anxiety attack. Absolutely no reason to be anxious (I was at home, the evening was upon us, dinner was to be had, I could even relax for the rest of the night), but that's part of the fun of this particular disorder.


I did take an anti-anxiety medication, but because I had missed one of them earlier due to pharmacy SNAFU maybe that set me off. Therefore, I ended up with that feeling when you're just starting to get a little past tipsy, except without the fun. The fun definitely enhances the dizziness, but this situation would not have been helped in the least by a glass of wine.

I started to get a bit dizzy again right before a modeling job for a sculpture class last night, so I popped a pill before I got started because doing a standing pose for 3 hours probably would have been a special kind of torture requiring endurance I am sure I could have mustered, but why?

It required endurance enough to stand with ALL of my weight on my left leg and my hands on my hips with my head turned about 45 degrees to the right. My hip and my knee are definitely not happy that I took this job, but it's five weeks of steady money, so I had to do it.

The class, which is fun except for the lawyer ass who just doesn't get it and argues, actually argues with the expert teacher, in manner of know-it-all high school student to the point that the other students were annoyed and I had to actually prove that it was physically impossible for me to be standing the way he thought I was standing without falling over or breaking my hip out of my body. We should have just let his bloody sculpture fall over, the condescending idiot.

I always hoped that those kids (and I can name them still!) would grow out of their asshole rude stubbornness, but apparently some do not. They just multiply, those that can find partners willing to put up with them.

Hopefully, I will be driven to attend yoga classes now, because if I do not do some serious stretching I will end up limping (as I did) after each 20 minute session of carrying 125 lbs. on one foot, one ankle, one knee, one hip.

I still like it though, because I am learning how to make a sculpture. Some people are doing torsos, some busts (head only), some from head to toe. It's fascinating. All of them should try drawing in the open studio at least--it would be a serious supplement to their sculpting skills because they could realize the weight and volume of the human body in many shapes, sizes and poses within 3 hours. Taking sculpture only means creating only one form over seven weeks.

Anyhow, this week has included three three-hour poses, so all I am hoping is that tomorrow I can look to the left instead of the right.

It's the little things in life....

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oakmonster said...

And here I am bombarding you with all these questions about coming down in a few weeks! Oh, girlie. I'm sorry about that.

Hope the dizziness past soon!