Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I forgot to tell everyone about Valentine's Day

I think.... I'm forgetting a lot of stuff lately. But Justin cooked for me and did the dishes, and I took pictures and used my new bendy-grabby tripod that Mark gave me for Christmas so that we could be in a photo together. Here's a little pictorial:

Basically it was a normal day, but with the extra special knowledge that we didn't have to go out there all gussied up and spend tons of money on a meal that in no way could have been as delicious as the salmon dish he made for me.

We're a pretty low-key consumerism day couple, so we enjoyed each other's company for free. Justin made the yummiest salmon ever, served on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes and covered with stir-fried green beans and mushrooms; he drizzled all that with a fantastic homemade glaze. Then he did the dishes (love him!) and I figured out how to use the tripod Mark gave me for Christmas. Yay!

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