Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Justin really does do important research

The e-mail after my little note is from Justin's co-worker because their boss was on TV.

It's the best explanation I can give as to why Justin gets to go to Rome in the beginning of April (and, yes, I am going with him! It's only logical, given that I just have to pay for the plane and food and a little part of the room... so it's like a 50% off trip!). Besides, I've been watching this research happen for more than six years--I've even sat in the lab while he did stuff with pipettes (I graded papers) and I've done a little editing for their publications. I've made sacrifices so that they could find a way to help these people.

If you don't totally get the news clip, don't feel bad. All I know is that Justin had something to do with finding the gene and the protein blocker and something else that they mention. The other thing I know is that Hal (the Dr.) is way more comfortable in board shorts rather than button down shirts--he'd rather be on a surf board than TV.

I can't believe they found a treatment! I've been watching them work on this research for seven years and this development is so way cool! *glow of the proud mama that bakes the boy's cookies sometimes*

Have fun watching TV!


From: James
Subject: My boss was on the news

My boss Hal Hoffman (whom some of you know and some of you don't), was interviewed on our local news channel (which some of you may watch and some of you may not) KUuuuuuuuSI. (for those who do, an inside joke :)

In the interview, Hal discusses the nature of the disease that we research and the new drug that was just FDA approved for the treatment of this rare disorder.

Check it out!

Justin the virtual doctor (really it's his boss Hal on local news, but still)


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