Tuesday, March 18, 2008

one down, three to go

OK. Got the call, now just have to have the conversation and then find out where we'll be.

I feel calmer though.

It's like my life is a blanket and I'm alone at the beach trying to put it down so I can finally relax a little. I have finally gotten one of the corners down, but there's sand blowing everywhere and the other three corners are still flapping around controlled by the wind.

Maybe at the meeting tomorrow afternoon I'll get one more corner down. I cannot predict the outcome of the meeting (though I do have lovely hopes), but I hope that whatever happens will help me understand what happened and have a clearer grasp on what may happen in the future.

Then Thursday corner three will be down... here or there, any where....

And you know when you get three of the corners under control the last one is easiest. You just have to move something onto it to secure it.

For right now, I'm just relieved to have gotten a start.... sure I hate having the sand all over the place, but at least I have something to hold onto now.

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