Friday, March 28, 2008


Two choices:
A) lie still, try not to move, try not to move my eyes over anything too quickly
B) go buy some Dramamine, take it and hope for the best

Hope that the best includes not feeling motion sick in the train or someone else's car because right now driving myself makes me dizzy, not to mention typing (which I should quit), or you know, getting up, walking...

And then there's the matter of where:
1) CVS: homeless
2) Ralph's/Trader Joe's: big crowded parking lot
3) Henry's: all natural Dramamine? Really?
and all of the above involving leaving the house (homeless) getting into my car (homeless) and driving (dizzy, homeless, dizzy....)

Seems that the best thing might be just to go to sleep now and deal with it all in the morning. Early in the morning.

I can't believe... no, I can because that's how this whole very entertaining show is playing thus far... it's not even going to make me feel better if I actually do puke because I'm not actually that kind of sick.

When I had chicken pox in first grade did I get to just have chicken pox?

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oakmonster said...

Bonine is the wonder drug for me, Ms. I Get Motionsick on A Swing. It's OTC, right next to Dramamine and it doesn't make me sleepy. Took that on the way down to see you guys last week. :)

Hope you feel better soon!