Sunday, March 02, 2008

We Be Gettin' Ol'

After our night of fun (around 8 p.m.... it was more of an afternoon of fun, but we have to be given the allowance that Brandon had to drive back to LA so we couldn't stay out too late) we were all sitting on the couch looking at these crazy pictures of cats with funny captions on some website.

Then Oakley was looking more of them up in her Gmail and Brandon said, "Hey Oaks, where's that gray hair of yours."

All three of us simultaneously pointed to her head of long black hair and said, "There it is!"

Apparently he was referring to a broken short hair that had been sticking straight up Alfalfa style, but then he showed us one of the long hairs that was white at the top and moved through shades of black toward the end.

Yes, now my hair not only just grows out of my head curly, but some of it is gray.

I am determined to age gracefully--no botox, no surgical lifts, no additions to what I have come to appreciate because it's hard to sag if they're so close to my ribcage, no hair coloring.

People have always loved my hair, including the color, even when I did not. So I'm not going to mess with a good thing. If it's gray at least it will still be my own. Natural and healthy--like I wanna be.

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oakmonster said...

Jinx! I just wrote about that too. LOL. Should've claimed some dibs about last night. :)