Thursday, April 03, 2008

An Insomniac's Dream!

It is 3:21 a.m. and I AM STILL AWAKE!

I'm not crazy!

I'm not manic!

I'm just still packing!

Everything is so gloriously organized!

Each outfit for each day is color coordinated from scarf to shoes. They are packed gently together in a suitcase that rolls in every direction--ah, the new genius of Samsonite.

All that remains is to gather my camera, and maybe make sure that it is in working order and all the batteries are charged and that this computer is ready to go so that Justin can use it and to make sure we have some snacks and to change out of my pajamas that I just put on so that I can shower and dress for the airport (a little fancy, but also comfortable--the crossbreed that I am between traditional Anglophile and contemporary American.

Oh glorious sleepless night!

OK. I'm getting sleepy. But with just over an hour to go, what's a girl to do?

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