Monday, April 28, 2008

It drips!

My brain apparently has a pause button on it. Unfortunately, I don't get to decide when to push it; it's in charge as usual.

Many examples, all forgotten--walk into a room, wrong one, why, oh yeah, other room, why, oh yeah, do, redo.

Justin brews the coffee. I wait, impatient for my first injection of caffeine. I watch carefully the pot and the top brewer.

"It's dripping! I think there's something wrong." A pause of silence draws out between Justin and I, until he speaks with his face still perplexed.

"That's why it's called drip coffee."

I already know and bashfully move to another room.

1 comment:

OakMonster said...

ROFL. I can see Justin's face when you say that too. You're so silly. :)

Speaking of coffee, could you kindly bring me a up an iced DECAF hazelnut Vietnamese coffee from Mystic? ;-D