Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Justin and I are running around the world so much that it feels like a training session in "you do not live in San Diego anymore."

Of course, I hold great hope that when we actually do not live in San Diego we will be living in one place and not out of a suitcase; but still, this month is proving to be a pre-test.

On the downside:
1) a truly healthy diet becomes suspended as restaurant-eating replaces home-cooking
2) a regular exercise routine becomes suspended as walking replaces yoga, jogging and the gym
3) a healthy level of communication in our relationship becomes challenged as constant activity replaces a calmer routine
4) attachments to San Diego become torn as time with friends, dogs, art classes, work and home are replaced by interaction with strangers and suitcase-living

On the upside:
1) restaurant food in new places tastes more exciting than more pasta-from-the-freezer
2) walking through different cities feels like exercise and offers better views than the elliptical machine
3) when we have stolen time together we appreciate each other more than when we pass each other on the way to work
4) maybe it will be easier to say goodbye when we move if everything left behind can barely remember our presence

But this long goodbye hurts me in ways a sudden departure would not.

The insanity of my heart exhausts me.

A) live in the moment
B) love the moment
C) know that every place will be available later too
D) know that friends survive distance
E) remember that through it all the Center holds
F) hold
G) breathe
H) relax
I) love

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