Monday, April 21, 2008

Two Blocks from the Beach

It's just got such a nicer ring to it than, "That place by the refineries off the freeway."

We keep saying it:
  • We're going to live two blocks from the beach!
  • We can see the beach as soon as we step onto the sidewalk!
  • The beach is as close as Henry's!
  • It's closer than Gulf Coast Grill!
  • We'll be closer to the beach than Hal!
  • I have to call Jason!
  • You can surf everyday. You can say, "I surf every day that there's good waves."
  • I can say, "I surf every day there's good waves and half the days there aren't."
  • It'll be so easy just to swim in the ocean!
  • I'm so tired. Can you imagine? When we move, I can just put my swim suit on and go lie down on the beach... in good weather.
  • And in bad weather you can wrap yourself in one of our Mexican blankets!
It's gonna be pretty sweet. Plus, I'll start walking dogs again (oh how I miss Yaz and Stan!) and we can jog by the beach and it will be marvelous. Simply fabulous. Glorious!

We're gonna live two blocks from the beach. You can see it from our house.

And I'm going to have a studio, and it's going to have a door and no one is ever going to see my work unless I want them to see it. Ha!

It's gonna be two blocks from the beach.

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