Friday, June 27, 2008

And He's Gone...

That was a nice day.

I got him board shorts, but he had to try them on, so he opened a box for the post-it note instead. :)

Yesterday evening we did our best to be in three places at once with relative success. The residents had a little gathering and in our desire to get to know people we were to stop by there briefly, but of course did not leave for an hour instead of just 30 minutes. Then we went to Naples Rib Company for a tri-birthday dinner with Brandon and Oakley and Eric, which has resulted in enough leftovers to sustain me for two days. Hurrah!

Eight days until his next day off, but he's so tired that the eighth day should be dedicated to sleep and sleep only.

Today I'll do laundry. That should kill some time. Maybe a yoga class or a jog. And then I'll meet a puppy for potential pet sitting.

It's almost like I have a real life.

1 comment:

OakMonster said...

You DO have a real life! Look at you, party at all the different places. ;-D