Friday, June 13, 2008

"Because God was punishing them"?

Note: I know all boy scouts are not homophobic. I know that one of the tenets of Boy Scouts is homophobic (you're not "allowed" to be gay) and they discriminate as such. I know that God said, "Love one another," and His example in Jesus made no exceptions, in fact loving many people that the Church then did not even acknowledge or did scorn. I know that the Christian Right believes that bad things happen to people because God is punishing them (ie. Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans--a hotbed for sin in their opinion).

Following that twisted Christian Right logic, one is left to wonder about this incident:

Deafening Howl, Then Deadly Chaos for Scouts

Four died when a tornado hit a Boy Scout camp in Iowa, destroying the building around a troop and injuring 48.

Of course, I don't believe they were being punished--I don't believe God is in the business of punishing people. I am heavily into the New Testament and all that stuff about Grace and Faith--free love.

But I do love any opportunity to aruge with the Christian Right.

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