Thursday, June 26, 2008

Four Days

During the rotations each resident gets four days off.

Since Justin volunteered to be first intern on call, they let him pick the day after as a day off--especially since it's also the day after his birthday. It's really the day of rest. I have to remember that On Call nights really make the On Call Night and the day after a wash. What's more, on regular Q4s, today he would already have been gone for work two hours ago.

This schedule is truly crazy.

So today, I'm plugging along at my own work, but it is fine because he is sleeping in the other room and just having a living breathing person nearby keeps me motivated.

I'm applying for the local tutoring job even though the pay is low, just because it will give me something to do. I'm also starting to get dogs to walk, so God willing I can start making some money in this city.

I need at least $2000 a month.

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